Friday, December 14, 2012

Being in the World (DVD)

Written philosophical tracts are dry. I feel that Being in the World, directed by Tao Ruspoli, will do more for the discussion of philosophy (and in particular, the branch of philosophy influenced by Martin Heidegger) than hundreds of years of treatises have. The title does not look to make the discussion of life and being more pedestrian, but to inspire viewers to want to read through dusty tomes and ponder existence.
Being in the World focuses on the current generation of philosophers and lays out the musings of Hubert Dreyfus and eir disciples. The documentary expands upon these lines of thought by interviewing individuals in disparate walks of life. This means that Leah Chase, world-renowned Creole cook provides further explication of eir own beliefs, contrasting and paralleling at points the contentions of poet Manuel Molina. The interviews are rounded out with a few moments with Hiroshi Sakaguchi, a Japanese citizen known throughout for eir skill with carpentry.
Tao Ruspoli does a tremendous job of making philosophy sexy, making the discussion understandable by laypeople while refusing to simplify the nuances inherent. I feel that the backdrop utilized for each of the interviews makes for a much richer and compelling experience than would be present under fluorescent lights or in a meeting hall. Being in the World is available from any well-stocked online retailer, bookstore, or video shop; visit the Alive Mind Cinema website for more information about Being in the World or any other of the titles that they have on their 2013 rolls.
Rating: 9.5/10
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Being in the World (DVD) / 2012 Alive Mind Cinema / 81 Minutes /

Being in the World (DVD)

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