Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bush Christmas (DVD)


VCI Entertainment have made available Bush Christmas, a 1947 classic in Australian cinema. The story is touching; a group of children lose their horse after talking to a stranger. The resulting action in which they find themselves is compelling, while the colorful characters that they meet along the way are colorful. While Chips Rafferty is the best known name in Bush Christmas, it seems that the whole cast and crew unites to make for a film that is eminently watchable without seeming saccharine or otherwise sappy.

Bush Christmas is benefitted by an incredibly sharp video capture, while allowing the vocal track to make every line and utterance resound with viewers. VCI’s presentation of Bush Christmas makes this into a great holiday or birthday present, while the DVD’s price (less than $15) will not break the bank. Bush Christmas represents a must have for those individuals that like a little variety in their Christmas watching; it stands up as a film in a way that few holiday-themed titles can. Make sure to check out their website for a listing of holiday 2012 titles and the upcoming title slate for VCI’s 2013.

Rating: 9.2/10


2012 VCI Entertainment / 75 Minutes / www.vcient.com

Bush Christmas (DVD)

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