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Get Rid of Bruxism - 5 Tips To Stop Now

Get Rid of Bruxism – 5 Tips To Stop Now

People take grinding or clenching teeth so lightly! Whether you are stuck in the traffic, having to listen to your boss rant at you even when you are right and other such times, you find yourself grinding your teeth in frustration.

Don’t just ignore this! This is not a matter to be taken lightly. Ignore and you will be left with crumbling tombstones for teeth. Take steps immediately to stop grinding your teeth before it becomes a habit and leaves your face disfigured with broken teeth, eternal headaches and jaw pain and other such problems. Here are the top 5 steps you should take to stop bruxism –

1. Use Stress Reducing Strategies – The major cause of teeth-grinding is stress and in today’s fast paced world, you won’t find anyone without stress. It is as if being stressed out has become a habit leading to bruxism.

Unless you want to have broken teeth, start managing stress. You can meditate, listen to music, work out, go for a walk or do anything that works for you. The point is to control stress and remain calm whatever the situation is.

2. Wear Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding – Bruxism is an unconscious habit. You start grinding your teeth whenever you are in a stressful situation. And sometimes, things are so severe that you will be clenching you jaw and teeth when sleeping. How do you stop it? Use a mouth guard.

A mouth guard or night guard is a plastic dental fitting that helps the muscles of the jaw to relax and dissipate the effects of bruxism.

Alternatively, you can also use over-the-counter medication or rubs for your jaws that will reduce the jaw pain. Talk to your dentist and pharmacist for more information about a mouth guard.

3. Eat At Least 2 Hours Before Bedtime – Many people eat and go to bed immediately. This only aggravates bruxism. Instead, eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. Also, don’t consume alcohol, especially if it is late night. In addition, develop good eating habit. Don’t chew gums or your pen lids.

4. Stop Clenching Your Jaw – If bruxism has become a habit and you are trying to break it, you will still find that even though you are not grinding your teeth, you are clenching your jaw. This is more out of habit than any real reason. Make a conscious effort to relax the jaw muscles. Do facial exercises for relaxation of facial and jaw muscles.

If you find that you wake up headaches, swollen gums or have frequent jaw pains, then you need to talk to your dentist today. You may be suffering from bruxism. You may be taking medications for frequent headaches but the reason may actually be entirely different. Don’t let this silent condition get the better of you. Consult your dentist, especially if you find that you have worn out and loose teeth. Meanwhile, make sure that you stop stressing yourself.

Get Rid of Bruxism - 5 Tips To Stop Now

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