Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Taylen Interview


Hello, Taylen. How is everything going today?

Im very good thank you.

What were the influences that inspired you and your music?

Well this is a funny topic. Most of my songs aren’t from personal experience. I write songs based on a movie or a book. I look at situations that someone else has created and I try to put it into my own words. And make my own story off that. But since I watch a lot of romance movies, most of my songs revolve around love. And also listening to other artists helps me learn about how to structure a song. So I am aware of my surroundings, and write about them.


What inspires you to create music, and what has happening in your life during the creation of the Masque EP?

My biggest inspiration is dreaming of being on stage. When I see other artists concert DVD’s it gives me this butterfly effect where I would love to experience, and that motivates me to work harder so that I can get there. And when I was making ‘Masque EP’ my life was about the music. There are only 4 songs, but I didn’t want to use just anything, so it was a process. So I started homeschooling to focus more on my music.


Bonnie and Clyde is your latest single. How have listeners reacted to the song?

Listeners seem to always ask how someone my age knows about Bonnie & Clyde, but again its because I see movies and other artists. But so far I have had positive comments and people seem excited to see the video coming out in December 2012.


You’re an Australian artist. What is different about music between Australia and the United States?

The main difference is that the United States has a much bigger market. The industry professionals are located more in the U.S. The music does comes down under, but to get recognized there is more chances in the U.S.


What should listeners expect from your debut full length album?

Listeners should expect that I wont limit myself. If I feel that a song represents me, I will share it. I want the album to be a way for people to connect with me and understand who I am as a person and artist. And to expect fun songs, serious songs and the ever famous topic, a love song.


Are there any plans for tour dates in the United States? In a related sense, what has been your most memorable time here?

At the moment there are no dates set in stone, but I hope that 2013 will bring some big things. My most memorable time in the U.S would be going to an award show because Bonnie & Clyde was nominated. And filming Bonnie & Clyde, it was something that I didn’t expect would happen so smooth. And it was a lot of fun.


How should readers get in contact?

Readers can get in contact but following me on twitter “TaylenDelgado10”, subscribing to my YouTube “TaylenDelgado10”, liking my Facebook page “Taylen” and I have a fan email address which is


Finally, do you have any final thoughts for NeuFutur Magazine / ?

Thank you for this opportunity and of course thanks to my fans across the world!  I love you all!
Masque EP.002-001

Taylen Interview

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