Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yochanan Sebastian Winston - The Kabbalah Suite (CD)

What Yochanan Sebastian Winston does on The Kabbalah Suite is expand the ideal of what music is and can do. There is a narration that is weaved through each composition presented here that requires no vocals; the interplay of distinct elements solo and in tandem provides a more cogent story than even the most narrative-heavy band.

These compositions require a listener to give their full focus; Winston’s subtle evolution and moderation of a track like Keter contains a slew of ambient noises, instruments, and complex interactions to be unraveled. Khokhmah is a composition that begins and finishes before the four minute mark; Winston is able to create an island-tinged composition that links together flutes with an inorganic element. The shuffling and bouncy track provides listeners with the energy that they need to focus on the balance of The Kabbalah Suite.  Khesed breaks down the ideal of proper time signatures and provides a dissonant gem; Winston straddles the line between order and chaos and reaps the reward of another impressive track.

Gavurah is an epic track, beginning with a wide-open and brooding emotion that opens up into a deliberate approximation of a cityscape. The various tinges of near eastern elements and rock show the eclecticism of this area, while Winston is able to make a tremendous meditation track out of this dense and filling arrangement. Malchut is the last track on The Kabbalah Suite; its placement allows Winston ample opportunity to experiment. A dark feeling weaves its way through the track, with the sharp horns and piano lines setting the stage for what will still follow. Listeners could play The Kabbalah Suite repeatedly and still be able to find more placed here by Winston; we dig what he does on The Kabbalah Suite

Top Tracks: Keter, Khesed, Netzach

Rating: 8.7/10

Yochanan Sebastian Winston – The Kabbalah Suite (CD) / 2012 Self / 10 Tracks /

Yochanan Sebastian Winston - The Kabbalah Suite (CD)

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