Friday, December 21, 2012

Moonlight Towers debuts “Distant Wheels” video

Austin-based band Moonlight Towers has released “Distant Wheels,” the latest single and video from its Day Is The New Night album via Austin’s NPR-affiliate KUT.  Check out the clip and download the track here:

The video for “Distant Wheels” was directed by Huay-Bing Law. “He and cinematographer Taylor Washington contacted me out of the blue with a really cool concept for the video,” explains Moonlight Towers band leader, James Stevens. “They had a carnival set up in a field near Lockhart, Texas.  We had a small window to shoot – right at dusk.  We did thirty takes, with some after sundown for that day/night effect, and with the song played back at double speed, which gives the video a woozy look when played back. Things were tense, but it was exciting being on the sun’s schedule.”

“Distant Wheels” is just the latest track from Day Is The New Night to be released as a single.  The album has been going strong since it was released in April of 2011 when its initial single “Heat Lightning” was embraced by none other than E Street guitarist and “Sopranos” star, Little Steven Van Zandt.


Van Zandt named the track as his weekly “Coolest Song In The World” on his long-running SiriusXM radio show and channel, “Little Steven’s Underground Garage,” and went on to give the tune (and others from Day Is The New Night) lots of airplay over the following months, syndicated to stations around the world and heard by 1.2 million listeners a week.


“Heat Lightning” went on to be named as Van Zandt’s #12 “Coolest Song of The Year” and fans of the show and channel voted the song as their #9 “Coolest Song In The World” for the year.

Proclaimed “amazing” by Performing Songwriter for creating what the Chicago Reader calls “perfectly molded power-pop,” the members of Moonlight Towers are “Austin’s favorite three-minute heroes” according to the Austin American-Statesman.



Moonlight Towers

Day Is The New Night

(Chicken Ranch, Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. Heat Lightning

02. Can’t Shake This Feelin’

03. Distant Wheels

04. The Easy Way Out (STREAM | VIDEO)

05. Comes A Time

06. What Else Can I Say

07. Baby Don’t Slow Me Down

08. Not A Kid Anymore

09. Black River


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Moonlight Towers debuts “Distant Wheels” video

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