Saturday, December 15, 2012

Schoolgirl Report Volume #8 What Parents Must Never Know (DVD)


Kudos to Impulse for digging What Parents Must Never Know out of decades of obscurity. Puppa Armbuster, Sandra Atia, Rolf Castell, and WolfAckva all star in What Parents Must Never Know. The video quality of this title is incredibly sharp, while the original German language of the film can be enjoyed without English subtitles (which have been revamped on their own). The different vignettes do not contain too much in the way of cohesive plot, but I feel as if this variety provides viewers with a little more meat than would normally be present on these types of films.

What Parents Must Never Know keeps things pretty tame, all while exploring the absolute limits of these kinks. While the full-frontal nudity showcases the more liberal European beliefs regarding the human body, there is still a sense that this is considerably higher brow than fare either from then or today.

Take a look at the Synapse website (and the Impulse sub-site) for more information about the releases that will be dropping at the beginning of 2013, and make sure to pick up a copy of Schoolgirl Report #8. For a look back into what the 1970s had going for it in erotic titles, the Schoolgirl Report Volume #8 seems to be a great purchase. Look on the Synapse website or at specific online retailers for information about how to purchase the title.

Rating: 8.0/10
Schoolgirl Report Volume #8 – “What Parents Must Never Know” (DVD) / 2012 Impulse Pictures / 87 Minutes /

Schoolgirl Report Volume #8 What Parents Must Never Know (DVD)

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