Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bacardi Oakheart Review (Rum)

 / 35% (70 Proof) Bacardi /

Spiced Rums have not gotten he love that they deserve; Bacardi Oakheart is looking to clear its name. The spirit starts out in an authoritative fashion, with strong notes of oak and bergamot. When individuals take their first sip, the mouthful is very warm and peppery. Each subsequent sip will yield a different collection of styles and flavors; the Oakheart sails on vanilla and smoke flavors.

The versatility of the Oakheart ensures that it will work equally well when done up in a shot,a mixed drink, or on the rocks for a sipping session. The constellation of flavors presented in Oakheart is sufficiently diverse that something considerably different will rear its head with each session. The classic rum and Coke is given an increased bite and edge that simply would not be present in a plain rum, while shooting Oakheart will make a night one to remember. Simply put, Oakheart is the best spiced rum that we have ever tasted, and it ranks right up there in the upper echelons of rums overall.

This is the most invigorating and exciting addition to the Bacardi line in years. Purchase a bottle of this spcied rum at any well stocked liquor store. A 750 ml bottle will typically run in the $15-20 range; this would be a perfect holiday gift to any of your of-age associates and friends.

Rating: 9.0/10

Bacardi Oakheart Review (Rum)

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