Friday, December 14, 2012

C2C Announce Debut Album Release via Casablanca, Share New Video For "Happy"

C2C will unveil their first full-length album, Tetra, on February 11, 2013 via Casablanca Records. It’s preceded by the eclectic electro, jazz, blues, and dance gumbo of the invigorating track, “Happy” [featuring Derek Martin], whose video just debuted on YouTube.

The phenomenal French electronic producers also recently dropped the digital EP, Down the Road, firmly planting their feet in the U.S. scene in the process. On “Happy,” these four turntable sorcerers—20Syl, Greem, Pfel, and Atom—mix a myriad of styles into a downright sizzling stew. Combining an organic swing with intricate scratching, the track bridges boundaries in a manner that electronic dance music has never seen before.

Since debuting on December 12, the music video has already racked up almost 100k views and counting. Boasting immense turntable talent and an adventurous knack for experimentation and production, this album will surely introduce the world to C2C.

This isn’t their first time around the block though. C2C initially came together in 1998, formed by the four high school friends. From 2003-2006, they conquered the DMC Championship, winning four times in a row and garnering a rabid worldwide fan base. However, 2006 marked the beginning of a four-year break for other projects, Hocus Pocus and Beat Torrent, before these four musicians would reform. Now, C2C have returned, and they have their sights set on dance floor domination uniquely mixing live instrumentation and turntable fireworks.

C2C is not yet (see: yet) a household name in the US for electronic and urban music enthusiasts, but the three-letter name is synonymous in the world of “turntablism,” a highly technical yet intensely musical discipline, with performers using turntables as a bona fide musical instrument.

Twitter: @C2Cdjs
Buy the Down The Road EP via iTunes HERE

C2C Announce Debut Album Release via Casablanca, Share New Video For "Happy"

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