Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stickyfingerz Records - Music To Piss Off The Old Folk (CD)

23 tracks at 68:45, which comes to almost 3 minutes a song. Belvedere opens this compilation with a very eclectic style of punk. The Rx Bandits, with their song “Wrong With Me” play an infectious brand of Skunk. People may remember the Pietasters, who gained success a few years back, then promptly fell back into the Ska underground. If I remember right, the song on this CD, “Yesterdays Over” was their highest charted single.

It has a wonderful bass line, cool horns, and excellent changing lyrics. Jeffries Fan Club contains more of the same attributes that the Pietasters had, but with a faster tempo and more girl-focused lyrics. The Jeffries Fan Club also have a very talented guitarist with a blazing guitar solo in this song. Krunk, incidentally the band of the owner of Stickyfingerz Records, keep up very successfully with all of the major acts on this CD. Pushover is another Skunk band on this CD, but in their song “But Davey” heavily bass the song on pop-punk guitars and lush Ska bass, and a horn solo is thrown in for good measure.

Face First has somewhat tame guitars but an excellent horn section and vocals. However, the second part of the song (free style rap) really does it for me. Nuclear Saturday is known for an amazingly good style of pop-punk, while Pain plays a very talented version of Ska-Indy punk with excellent bass. Cousin Oliver is another decent Skunk band, with all three talents and an excellent chorus. Last Summer plays a fast Skunk style, with screamed vocals, great horns and bass. Next is the Hibinders, who add a lot to a typical pop-punk song, as it has good bass and funny lyrics. Downway plays an interesting style of pop-punk, and Ska returns to the disc with the Antix, as they play “It’ll Be Cool”, which is one of the most memorable tunes on said disc. President Lemon has a wonderful vocalist, funny lyrics, and a very good style to listen to. Mothermania are a pop-punk band in the vein of American Hi-Fi. Straight Legged Kick is a pop-punk band with a vocalist that sounds like the vocalist from Pansy Division.

“This Is” by Big Fat Huge brings the Ska back to the compilation, with their own combo of strong bass and horns that sound like flutes. “Stop The Hate” by No On 15 is an energy filled song with a sufficiently fast tempo and good message. The Underachievers play a very skankable version of Skunk with Barenaked Ladies-style vocals. “I Don’t Like You” by Skankin Homer is standard Ska fare with interesting horn arrangements, and Kung Fu! I dig you” by Mr. Smarty Pants starts off with an excellent bass line in a very fun song. Stinkaholic’s “Donut Boy” ends the CD with a strong Ska song that has Rancid style vocals. You can pick this CD up for $7 at,, or Stickyfingerz Records, 70 Montview Ct., Cockeysville,MD 21030

Rating 6.9/10

Stickyfingerz Records - Music To Piss Off The Old Folk (CD)

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