Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Events

There are a number of different Seattle Upcoming Events that would be of prime interest to attend. There are a number of art galleries, restaurants and museums providing piano recitals and orchestral performances. As the weather gets colder, it seems like that there nothing to do. I believe that taking a weekday to see some talented musicians play through the classics is absolutely sublime. As long as they are well behaved, children can come along. Early childhood development literature has hypothesized that exposing children to music at the youngest of ages translates into considerably higher test scores.

If one thinks that the typical performance fare is a little on the well-trodden side, there are some amazing uses of pianos. Whether it be in emotive rock or some of the most dissonant compositions out there, the sheer versatility of a piano cannot be understated. If it is too stormy, you could always buy a piano. Whether one knows how to play, there are a number of piano teachers and instructional manuals to help illuminate the way. I hope to get a piano at some point in the future; I feel that it adds considerably to the aesthetics and value of a house.

Winter Events

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