Friday, December 7, 2012

AEON: New In-Studio Video Update

Metal Blade brings fans the latest installment of a series of in-studio video clips from Swedish death metal strategists, AEON. Filmed during the band’s Aeons Black recording session in Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden, watch as guitarists Zeb Nilsson and Daniel Dlimi sever frets and talk gear at HERE.

Released in North America on November 20th, Revolver Magazine calls Aeons Black “one of the best death metal albums of 2012″ while Decibel commends the band in a 8/10 rating noting that their fourth full-length “differs from the others in one significant way: Without abandoning fast-ass, blasphemous death metal… the Östersundian quintet experiments extensively with slower tempos and an emphasis on heaviness,” adding that, “even in doom mode, exploiting their storied technical prowess without getting all ornamental is a cinch.” Boasts Terrorizer “It’s all here: the anti-Christian rhetoric, the barking/snarling vocals and the barrage of machine-gun blasts.”

And the accolades hardly end there. The Metal Review dubs Aeons Black the band’s “heaviest and most brutal album to date,” All Music Guide champions AEON‘s fiery brand of “…punishing, blood-curdling, Christ-baiting death metal…” while crowns the record, “a ferocious beast and is a thoroughly awesome death metal album.” The Metal Observer tags the 50-minute long monster, “a masterpiece of goddamned death metal,” and Infernal Masquerade adds, “if you are in the market for some crushing neck-breaking death metal, this is one release you don’t want to miss. AEON is at the top of their game and they have more than proved it on Aeons Black.”

Order your copy of Aeons Black HERE.

AEON: New In-Studio Video Update

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