Thursday, January 16, 2014

Abbey Dubbel Beer Review


The sweet notes that are presented to imbibers are moderated through the presence of a warming alcohol touch. The 9.1 IBUs of the Abbey Dubbel allow for an absolutely approachable effort that is much more meaty and fulfilling than more hop-heavy efforts. The fruit elements (banana, dark fruit, apricot) provide additional facets to the beer. The bold elements of the beer are refreshed through the presence of tart notes, raisins, and small hints of grain. As the beer continues to warm up, fig and slight candi sugar elements can be discerned. Taken all together, the twists and turns that are present in Flying Fish’s Abbey Dubbel will ensure that one will continue to come back to the beer after finishing a bottle. The considerable mouth feel of the Abbey Dubbel is coupled with its warming elements to provide imbibers with something that will allow them to stay warm long after they have completed their beer.

When matching the beer to meals, one would do well to search out chocolates, barbecue, and other sweet or otherwise savory dishes that will bolster and otherwise highlight the fruity and yeasty sides of the beer. Flying Fish has created one of the most memorable Dubbels of recent memory; if you are in their distribution area, make it a point to search out a bottle.

Make sure to visit the Flying Fish Brewery’s website at; on this domain, there is considerable information about the brewery’s efforts, news, and a full complement of information regarding the geographical area in which one can purchase Flying Fish beers.

Rating: 9.2/10

Abbey Dubbel / Flying Fish Brewery / 7.2% ABV /