Monday, January 27, 2014

Dylan Connor Blood Like Fire (Songs For Syria) CD Review


Blood Like Fire is a track that links together 90s indie and alternative rock with a more classic singer-songwriter style. The production of this introductory effort will immediately draw listeners in, while the smart instrumental arrangements will increase the track’s (and by extension, the album’s) replay value. Feza Feza is bolstered through the presence of Omnia Hegazy as a backing force during the song’s chorus; the track takes a considerably different tack from the rest of the efforts on this EP due to her and Zafer Tawil’s (percussion, strings, oud) contributions to the track. By keeping things fresh, this track is able to move into something ethereal and absolutely effective. The back and forth between the two sets of vocals creates considerable complexity, while the two together have an alluring interplay with the guitars that represent the track’s backdrop. Weary World demarcates the divide between the first and final halves of the EP, and allows listeners to be provided with an epic composition. During this nearly six-minute effort, Connor is able to create something that will stick with listeners long after the disc ceases.

Not a Civil War will appease fans of XTC, Billy Bragg, and even Tom Petty. The sedate composition exists in the current moment but is built off a much earlier musical tradition. By taking on this disparate styles, Connor is able to inspire a wider swath of fans to boldly forge on to the end of Blood Like Fire. Blood Like Fire concludes with Syria the Healer. Syria the Healer builds off a Warren Zevon meets Phil Ochs approach, tying together pointed political commentary with a catchy composition – the perfect ending to a solid EP.

Make sure to visit Connor’s CDBaby for the ability to listen to samples of the cuts from Blood Like Fire and his previous recordings.

Top Tracks: Blood Like Fire, Not a Civil War, Syria the Healer

Rating: 8.7/10

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