Monday, January 13, 2014

Omar Akram Daytime Dreamer CD Review


Downpour opens up Daytime Dreamer, and it provides listeners with a tremendously dynamic and uptempo feel. While there are not vocals present, the piano line that Akram lays down provides a considerable amount of narrative. The track taps out at a hair over four minutes and leads into Dancing With the Wind. Dancing With the Wind is a softer and more introspective effort, where Akram delves into the corpus of classic music and spins it into something that is current and contemporary. A wide array of instruments and sounds make this into a must-listen. Surrender is the longest effort on Daytime Dreamer; the added run time of this effort provides Akram with ample opportunity to create a detailed and immersive environment. While the track can be enjoyed as a single cohesive entity, the slight shifts and modifications that Akram makes throughout the track ensures that the end of Surrender is a much different beast than its beginning.

Passage Into Midnight is a blend of neo-classical and tropical rhythms, ushering in Daytime Dreamer’s second half. During efforts like The Promise, Last, Dance, and the ultimate effort, My Desire, Akram shows listeners that he is not content to rest on his laurels. Last Dance has a bit of Spanish influence play at the top of the track, while hints of raw passion and emotionality come forth before the track ends.

My Desire is a track that operates as a definitive closing to a complex and cohesive album, but contains enough twists and turns that listeners will begin to wonder what will follow from Akram. To purchase a case of Daytime Dreamer, visit a well-stocked independent record store or find an online retailer that offers Real Music releases.

Top Tracks: Dancing With the Wind, Passage Into Midnight

Rating: 8.6/10

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