Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Julian & The Upside Sound S/T CD Review


The complexity that Julian & The Upside Sound craft on efforts like Out of Time is astounding; listeners can honestly sit down and unravel all the twists and turns on the track over the course of repeat plays. This complexity does not impact the allure of the band – fans can easily turn on this CD and be taken away by the compositions that are presented. Silverlining Waltz slows down things down, providing fans with a brilliant section in which the band continues to build up speed. The interplay between the guitars and strings keeps things heady, while the raw emotion that is captured here make this into a favorite of mine on Julian & The Upside Sound.  The guitar that initiates Sun Hats immediately draws listeners in, while the vocals that are included add another facet to the detailed façade that is the band. It is particularly during Sun Hats that the album’s production truly shines – each part of Julian & The Upside Sound is able to be picked out, while still contributing to a unique and inimitable sound for the album.

Something Seven changes things up again; the vocal heavy opening strains of the track shakes things up to great effect. While the track requires additional listens to properly understand, I feel that the band succeeds in creating a possible alternative style for subsequent recordings. The band is able to utilize their newest addition to great effect, making Julian & The Upside Sound a must-have album. If you are in Northern California, visit Julian & The Upside Sound’s CD release parties in Willits and Ukiah on January 25th and the 26th.

Top Tracks: Out of Time, Mimi’s Waltz On Your Sleeve

Rating: 8.4/10

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