Monday, January 6, 2014

Man of Tai Chi Review


The film reinvigorates both the fight club and the young virtuoso gains valuable skills from the master genres, with Keanu’s role as Donaka providing an anchor that allows individuals to moor themselves on. Keanu’s Donaka pays Tiger Chen (Chen Hu) for eir skills, erupting into chaos when Tiger Chen learns that ey is a pawn in an underground fighting league. The action is fast-paced and realistic, while the grimy scenery really lends itself to creating an illusion that where Tiger and eir enemies are fighting is truly the lowest of the low. As Tiger Chen continues to move up the ranks, the fighter gradually learns that ey is being used for a much more sinister purpose. As Donaka is the puppeteer of Chen, Chen figures that Donaka must pay for all of eir machinations. The final fight – in a wide-open courtyard – is a beautiful sight. The conclusion of the film will have viewers wondering how Tiger Chen’s story could continue. This high-energy film will have viewers on the edges of their seats, while Reeves’ turn as a seriously evil antagonist is one of the best roles eir has turned in in years.

Man of Tai Chi can be purchased at online and physical retailers, in both the DVD and the Blu-Ray formats – a digital version is also available. Look to spend about $10-15 for the DVD and about $15-20.

Rating: 8.7/10

Man of Tai Chi / 2013 Radius / 106 Minutes /