Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TROLLFEST to Release Kaptein Kaos April 8th

Their 2012 release Brumlebassen saw TROLLFEST tour the USA with Ensiferum and Tyr. Their latest album Kaptein Kaos is set in a fantasy world of trolls, where an inventor who creates a time machine goes on an expedition across time. Musically, TROLLFEST‘s Kaptein Kaos has given way to juicy rock grooves, rich melody lines, tango rhythms and more of their world music influence.


Kaptein Kaoz will be released April 8th in North America via Napalm Records / Noise Art.  Today the artwork and track listing have been revealed.


Kaptein Kaoz Track Listing:

1. Trolltramp

2. Kaptein Kaos

3. Vulkan

4. Ave Maria

5. Filzlaus Verkündiger

6. Die Grosse Echsen

7. Seduction suit no.21

8. Solskinnsmedisin

9. Troll Gegen Mann

10. Sagn Om Stein

11. Renkespill

12. Kinesisk Alkymi

13. Døden banker på


Bonus DVD:

The making of Kaptein Kaos

Heidenfest tour video

Paganfest tour video


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