Saturday, January 11, 2014

Red to Violet Via delle Grazie CD Review


Via delle Grazie is the latest effort from the Netherlands’ Red to Violet. Waiting for the Sun is a carefully-crafted piece of indie rock. The band is able to open up into a post-modern type of rock that is influenced by 90s alternative rock (Sean Lennon, Hedley) and the more emotive acts of the 00s (Brand New, Dashboard Confessional). The band’s instrumentation is smart, while they maintain an intensity to Via delle Grazie that is hard to ignore.

Wouldn’t Want To Change a Thing is a shuffling track that builds to something great. The instruments immediately kick into a higher gear, opting to allow the vocals the spotlight for a moment. Gradually, the guitars and drums step up to dominate this effort. With such a scintillating and Protean sound, listeners of a wide variety of genres will be able to find something in Red to Violet that they can appreciate.

Through the Eyes of Love showcases another side to Red to Violet. The bright, airy approach taken by the band during this track will bounce around listeners’ heads long after the album ceases. From the beginning to the end of Via delle Grazie, Red to Violet are able to create interesting and fun music while adopting countless styles, genres, and overall approaches. By the time that the disc finishes up, Red to Violet will have a number of additional fans. Listen to samples of Via delle Grazie at the band’s CDBaby, or visit their domain for links to purchase music, contact the band, and the latest in Red to Violet news.

Top Tracks: Waiting for the Sun, Wouldn’t Want To Change a Thing, Through the Eyes of Love

Rating: 8.8/10

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