Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kris N. The Thankful Parade CD Review


Carillon Belles is a smartly-designed composition. During this effort, the arrangements are given ample time to create a backdrop upon with the haunting and ethereal vocals can shine. The vocals do double duty – not only do they tell listeners a story, they contribute to the oval music that issues from the speakers. Farewell Fifth Street immediately tugs at listeners’ heartstrings; the vocals showcase the sense of alienation that is present whenever one moves (whether it is out to college or to a different area due to circumstances / jobs). The two guitar parts work together to provide completeness to this track, as well as worming themselves deep into the psyche and the cordis of listeners.

Pacific Blue has an absolutely juicy bass line that represents the backbone of the track, while the guitar and vocal response to this ropey arrangement provide additional layers to this dense track. The cherry on the top of this cut has to the synth line, which will appease fans of The Red Hot Valentines and +44. The track is a rocking penultimate effort on The Thankful Parade, providing listeners with the energy that they need to continue rocking through the rest of the album. Tallboys to Dayton is a perfect ending to The Thankful Parade; the raw emotionality is present in the instrumentation as much as it can be found through the vocals. A layer of fuzz ties all the elements together to hearken back to punk and emotive rock of the nineties.

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Top Tracks: Carillon Belles, Farewell Fifth St.

Rating: 9.0/10

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