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Sweet Distortion Life Kills CD Review

The hard, heavily distorted edge of “Life” moves into something that is odd, to say the least. The nearest thing that I could compare Sweet Distortion to would have to be a blend of Korn, D.R.I., and Megadeth. That is to say, the act goes forth and blends a number of harder styles while keeping things as current as can be. The production of the disc is solid, allowing the band to revel in all of their To My Surprise-like glory. The only thing that can be said is perhaps that Sweet Distortion holds onto this track for a little too long, as the song passes the five-minute mark. The more rap-infused “Idiots Dance” brings Sweet Distortion into a blend of System of a Down and Queensryche.

The track continues with the lengthy runtimes previously established with the first full track, but the band applies themselves in a much more strong way on “Idiots Dance”. While Sweet Distortion is creating a style with their “Life Kills” that is somewhat similar to what is popular, the eclectic approach of the band ensures that individuals will be listening in for a while after purchasing the disc. It is almost as if they are doing for metal what Primus did for indie rock in the sense that they include musical styles that sound a little odd with more heavy styles. The approach is well-done, but individuals might need to listen in a few times before gaining a proper appreciation of the act.

“Sx & $” comes forth with a harder edge yet again, but it seems this time as if the band is calling forth the post-2000 Motley Crue to play with their funky, bass-infused track. The result is something that works well with the rest of the disc, but allows the band to stretch themselves out to include different musical styles. The band moves styles yet again for “Genetic X Tasy”, to reach out to their country brethren. The tracks, if properly expunged, could make Sweet Distortion a household name. I could see their career going in the way of a Lit or Buckcherry; the same craziness is present in all three acts, and I believe that the band can sleaze their way into that position. Give this disc a spin if you like raunch rock that that has a little bit of talent to it; the ropy bass lines in a number of these tracks will ensnare you further.

Top Tracks: Genetic X Tasy, Stand Up

Rating: 6.4/10


Sweet Distortion – Life Kills / 2005 Self / 13 Tracks / / Reviewed 29 January 2007