Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tomás Doncker's True Groove Records Signs Distribution Deal with The Orchard

The Orchard has been working for a few years to further promote the artists which it distributes. What has been a solid set of signings has exceeded even our expectations when True Groove Records (Tomás Doncker’s label) was picked up for distribution today.


Tomás Doncker just signed an exclusive global distribution and licensing deal with The Orchard for his True Groove Label. Founded in 2011 True Groove was born out of what Tomás saw as a need for a forward thinking artist oriented brand where “music comes first”. True Groove and The Orchard’s partnership will begin immediately with the release of 12 new projects from the label’s elite roster of artists within the first quarter of the 2014.

“We are very excited about True Groove moving forward with the Orchard”, says Doncker. “Both of our companies have a similar approach to the new music business model; vibrant, focused, enterprising and creative. And we are both fearless, innovative and love music. We’re thrilled to present a wide range of groundbreaking artists from young soul diva, Lael Summer, to punk legends? Joe Bowie (Defunkt) and James Chance (Contortions).  We believe our relationship with The Orchard is the best possible opportunity to bring our vision of Global Soul to the world.”

The ethos of the label can be found in a statement from Doncker about his “global soul” movement; “Global Soul: The sound of our collective conscious. The unified rhythm of heart beats creating a positive, spiritually uplifting force

for good. Musically speaking it is not genre specific, but in fact genre inclusive.  It is the best of what we have to offer to each other,from Brooklyn to Ethiopia, and every where in Between.”

The confirmed True Groove release schedule so far includes Kevin Jenkins’Step Inside’ (January 7, 2014), Tomás Doncker Band’s ‘Howlin Wolf EP (January 7, 2014), Lael Summer’s ‘Burden to Bear’ (January 21, 2014), and Marla Mase’s ‘Half-Life’ (February 25, 2014). For updates visit

For more specific information, we have included links to the roster of True Groove Records:

The Tomás Doncker Band:,

Marla Mase:,

Kevin Jenkins:

Lael Summer:,