Sunday, January 19, 2014

KJB SleuthGear Zone Shield Night Vision Clock Radio - SC8000


Alarm clocks are so commonplace in houses and hotels that one would not expect that a camera would be contained within. The SC8000 has a tremendous amount of functionality beyond its obvious notification mode. The camera is able to record high-quality video even in low light / darkness – the 30 frames per second level ensures that one is provided with a fluid video rather than a choppy collection of stills. The variety of recording options that are present further increase the versatility of the alarm clock, while the product price (available for around $400) makes it a no-brainer when it comes to the safety and the security of one’s possessions, family, and domicile. I personally like the inclusion of a time and date stamp on the recordings, which provide additional authority to the recording should it be utilized in a legal proceeding or as part of a report to the police or other local authorities. The capacity of the SC8000 is 32 gigabytes, which is ample enough to have hundreds of recordings contained on the device without running into the need to delete previously-recorded content.

The build quality of the SC8000 Night Vision Clock Radio is sufficient enough to take drops off of a night stand and typical amounts of wear without interfering with the operation of the device. The hidden functionality of the product is hidden well, meaning that even those individuals that look directly at the clock radio will be unable to identify the added functionality of the alarm clock.

The SC8000 can be purchased for around $400; visit the KJB Security website for more information about their 2014 product line, and all of the surveillance products that they currently offer – an added support side to the website provides ample information about the full functionality of each of the devices that KJB sells.

Rating: 9.3/10

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