Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Andy Ferrell I Was Born EP


On the Road blends the sixties singer-songwriter genre with hints of classic country. Ferrell’s vocals are rich and road-wizened, while the arrangements similarly show a maturity that belies his age. Ferrell’s I Was Born EP shines based off the equal focus given to the vocal and instrumental side of things, while The Ring represents another track that feels destined for play on radio rotation. The track is built off of Ferrell’s narration and is further polished through a home-spun unity of guitar and strings. While the vocals drop, I feel that the string solo is as rich and as vibrant as Ferrell’s articulations.

Spare Change changes things up; the track feels much more comfortable in a sixties Bob Dylan or nineties alt-country (Sean Lennon, Wilco) style. The softly-spoken instrumentation provides a sharper point to Ferrell’s vocals, while still keeping the same close and warm feel that has been cultivated during the introductory tracks on the I Was Born EP. Honey Where You Been So Long speeds things up considerably, with a walking instrumentation that tests the constituent elements of Ferrell’s band. The late-disc placement of this effort shows that Ferrell can incorporate new twists and turns without batting an eye. I feel that this is a hopeful development, as it provides support to my belief that he can move to the full-album format and keep listeners on the edges of their seats throughout.

Visit Ferrell’s website for music and photo samples and the ability to sign up for the latest news. Here is hoping that Ferrell is able to cut a full-length album before the end of 2014.

Top Tracks: On the Road, Honey Where You Been So Long

Rating: 8.8/10

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