Saturday, January 4, 2014

JetFuel Superburn Review

JetFuel Superburn / TeamGAT /

One of the first supplements that we had the chance to review when we first began our health and fitness section was JetFuel Pyro. The supplement provided us with some of the longest-lasting and cleanest energy that we have had when supplementing. When we first had the chance to check out TeamGAT’s latest, JetFuel Superburn. This supplement provides a number of benefits, including a boost to overall alertness, breaking down body fat, and long-lasting energy that will benefit everyday activities just as well as the most strenuous types of activities. The supplement contains an array of inclusions which have been shown in previous literature to have effects on those supplementing. Caffeine represents one of these inclusions, but there are a number of additional extracts included.

Olive leaf extract boosts the efficacy of the immune system, while Acacia rigidula provides a considerable amount of energy beyond that provided by the caffeine. Capsicum frutescens both provides additional energy as well as decreases the overall fatigue that one would receive from any sort of intense activity. Rauwolfia canescens extract keeps the overall water level of one’s body up high, which has the effect of keeping energy levels high through the exertions. Evodia (rutaecarpa) has a smaller amount of literature written about it, but the information surrounding it points towards the possibility of it increasing the rates that one will burn fat. Additional inclusions allow for better efficacy and breakdown of the supplement (Camellia Sinensis Albus, TTA), and for additional mental clarity (Withania Somnifara, Melissa Officianalis, L-Theanine).

Visit the TeamGAT website for further information about the company’s products, the athletes which swear by the company’s products, and the MSRP for each of the products. Let us know what you think about the supplement.

Rating: 9.4/10