Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sweetwater DVD Review


Sweetwater is set in the last years of the 1800s, in an America that is still incredibly rough and tumble. Ed Harris and January Jones are put up against a considerable foe in Jason Isaacs, who has a delightfully evil turn as a fundamentalist leader. The costuming and set design make it incredibly easy for viewers to immerse themselves in Sweetwater, while the dialogue fits the period without confusing viewers. The film is rated R, so make sure that the younger element that could be watching the film is mature enough to watch the violence and the language that is utilized here.

The film is able to be set in a must easier period, but the color schemes that are present will make the action feel that much more realistic. The decision made to utilize such a bright palette is not only historically accurate, but it provides viewers with visual cues. Taken together, Sweetwater is a tremendous film that will appease and titillate fans of westerns and action films alike. The film builds off the work of a Peckinpah or a Tarentino, while aiming for all the glitz and glamour of the biggest Hollywood productions.

Sweetwater can be purchased in the Blu-Ray format; MSRPs for the DVD are listed at $20.99 and are at $24.99 for the Blu-Ray format. Those individuals that wish to locate a copy of Sweetwater can easily find it in brick and mortar and online retailer lists alike.

Rating: 8.8/10

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