Friday, January 24, 2014

Coldstream Naturals Product Review

A number of companies have jumped on the anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) trains as of late. The logic behind these products is solid – there has not been enough in the way of research done to show that GMO-based products are safe. There have been studies that have shown greater incidences of cancer among rats for those that have been fed GMO products, but the methodology utilized but a number of the more common citations is a little on the shaky side.

Coldstream Naturals ( ) is a company that prominently emblazons their products with organic and GMO-free tags. They produce two products – a Tooth Cream and a Mouthwash. The products are priced at $11.95 for the mouthwash and $7.95. The price point is on the high side for the products that they provide.

Even after a minute or so of agitating the mouthwash, there is little impact on one’s breath after eating garlic, onions, or other strongly-flavored foods. The flavor profile (Coldstream offers a peppermint and a cinnamon effort) is much too meek to mask and otherwise keep offending odors from returning.


The tooth cream (toothpaste) has the same two flavors and posits that the included Citrozine will “promote strong, healthy teeth, and gums”. The low amount of abrasives in the tooth cream make the efficacy of the tooth cream pale in comparison to the mechanical element of brushing one’s teeth. While the act of brushing one’s teeth will keep overall tooth health high, one will need to keep an eye out for gingivitis.

Keep an eye out for the company and their proprietary Citrozine compound. There is little information available about Citrozine online beyond the briefest of descriptions ( ). When it comes to the freshness of breath or the overall health of one’s teeth, find those efforts that contain compounds that are supported by scholarly literature to have some effect on breath and tooth health.