Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Braun °CoolTec CT5cc Electric Shaver


This shaver provides substantial improvements over manual razors and the typical shavers on the market. The CoolTec Electric Shaver devours all facial hair with a minimum of passes over one’s face – previous electric shavers that I have purchased keep one’s face inflamed as they require multiples of passes to render a face clean-shaven. The additional active cooling technology that is included in the CT5cc will make the whole process of shaving easier for those even with sensitive skin. The free-floating heads of the CT5cc will make short work of hair on the adam’s apple, the jaw line, and any other hard to traverse areas. The cutting heads (the triple action and the middle trimmer) combine to provide the closest shave that I have ever had; as  a Nixonian-grower of the 5 o’clock shadow, the CT5cc is very close to a god-send.

The CoolTec shaver comes with a number of additional features – the clean and charge station ensures that one can get a shave whenever they would like, at the sharpness that they need to quickly and safely dispatch the hair that is on their face. The company has made this shaver waterproof, ensuring that one can even shave in the shower. A cleaning brush and a travel pouch round out the inclusions – the shaver will maintain its cleanliness even if it is kicked around a travel bag or a suitcase.

A quick span online places this Braun Electric Shaver at around $135; the 2 year warranty that Braun provides ensures that individuals will be happy with their purchase for years to come. This is simply a great purchase for any male of facial hair-growing age, and will replace any manual or electric razor.

Rating: 9.5/10

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