Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BioForm Gloves with Wrist Wraps

1310-BioForm-WristWrap-GlovesThe gloves perform admirably, no matter what sort of exercises that one does during a workout. The gloves are thick enough to protect against skin damage when using barbells or dumbbells, while the gloves’ BioForm pads become more malleable as one continues their sessions. The Velcro-ed wraps ensures that the gloves’ fit will not hinder a set, and can be easily changed to accommodate those exercises that require a different grip (moving from a dumbbell set to a deadlift, for example). I like the extended cut of the fingers on the BioForm Gloves, as it avoids the tendency of the material to roll back toward the glove. I have had a few pairs of gloves that have done just that, exposing more of my hand (increasing the potential of callousing and other superficial skin injuries).  The articulation of the gloves does not decrease with this added length, as Harbinger has provided a lighter material at the joints of each finger. After a few weeks of wearing the gloves, they can be washed gently to remove any additional smells, without any loss in the protection or their overall aesthetics.q

The blue/black color scheme is striking, while the price of the gloves (around $50) is low considered their rugged design. Visit the Harbinger website for more information about their full product line, and the slate of efforts that they will release through the entirety of 2014. We will be using the BioForm Gloves for our cardio and heavy weight-training days. Make sure to visit the company’s website for information about the sizing and overall fit of the gloves – one will be able to use them for years before they will have to replace them.

Rating: 9.0/10

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