Wednesday, November 5, 2014

1OOOfacez Robokingdom EP CD Review

1000facez has just released a collection of their songs with the Robokingdom EP; during the album’s five cuts, listeners will be provided with considerable variation in overall sound. The one thing that is constant from beginning to end is how fleshed-out the tracks are; this is a cohesive and a coherent effort from stem to stern. Robokingdom is a track that links together goth, industrial, and alternative rock into a frenetic and energetic effort. Listeners will be on the edges of their seats by the conclusion of Robokingdom and will be given a further boost to their momentum by the opening of Lost in Time. Lost in Time links together the instrumental and vocal sides of 1000facez in a way that each side pushes the other to an entirely new (higher) plateau; the harmony that is created through this dynamic sound showcases the outright skill and ability of the act, as well as providing some information about other twists and turns that may be present on subsequent releases.616FQz3VRmL._SL500_AA280_

Commercial Song (Life Is Good) is a track that benefits from a tremendous production and a specific array of styles that range from the singer-songwriter to electronic traditions, creating an effort that will stick around listeners’ minds long after the track (and the Robokingdom EP) has ceased.

Make sure to visit the act’s Soundcloud for the latest tracks, further information about the act, and a voluminous set of links to the varied social media profiles that the act has built up. I sincerely hope that 1000facez will be able to build off the strong EP that they have laid out here while adopting additional styles and influences.

Top Tracks: Commercial Song (Life Is Good), Lost in Time

Rating: 9.0/10


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