Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fireman's Brew

Fireman’s Brew is a new microbrewery that loves to go and put some polish on familiar beer offerings, meaning that there is a blonde (Pilsner), brunette (doppelbock) and a redhead (Red/Amber ale) offering that the company currently brews. The Fireman’s Brew Blonde is an effort to expand upon the American lager format, the brew of choice for many of the titular fire men and women that are currently serving. Fireman’s brew creates the pilsner with a little bit more substance than what is typically carried at a local bar – there is a crispness to the opening sip.

There is a slightest bit of hop flavoring present that goes and provides a more nuanced and intricate taste than other efforts in the style. The Brunette is something toasty, malty, and fulfilling – the beer has twists and turns that will appease fans of the style and increase their pallets at the same time. The Redhead provides a much-needed refreshing of the Irish red style, with a malt-forward base and just hints and snippets of hoppy, ale elements – the beer is refreshing an dwarming at the same time, refreshing the taste buds of individuals with each subsequent bottle that is finished.


What results with the Fireman’s Brew Blonde is something that is eminently drinkable without being overly hoppy or cereal tasting. Fireman’s Brew also has released their own soda line (containing a Black Cherry, Root Beer, and a Cream Soda) and crafts their own coffees (a Three Alarm/caffeinated blend and False Alarm / noncaffinated blend). Make sure to visit Fireman’s Brew website for more information about their beers, their non-alcoholic efforts, and any other additional news that the company may release through the end of 2014 and into the beginning of 2015.


Rating: 8.2/10

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