Monday, November 3, 2014

Grouper's Ruins out now via Kranky

About the album, Liz Harris explains in her own words…”Ruins was made in Aljezur, Portugal in 2011 on a residency set up by Galeria Zé dos Bois. I recorded everything there except the last song, which I did at mother’s house in 2004. Iʼm still surprised by what I wound up with. It was the first time Iʼd sat still for a few years; processed a lot of political anger and emotional garbage. Recorded pretty simply, with a portable 4-track, Sony stereo mic and an upright piano. When I wasnʼt recording songs I was hiking several miles to the beach. The path wound through the ruins of several old estates and a small village.”

  “The album is a document. A nod to that daily walk. Failed structures. Living in the remains of love. I left the songs the way they came (microwave beep from when power went out after a storm); I hope that the album bears some resemblance to the place that I was in.”

Track listing:

1. Made of Metal

2. Clearing

3. Call Across Rooms

4. Labyrinth

5. Lighthouse

6. Holofernes

7. Holding

8. Made of Air

Grouper’s new album Ruins is out now via Kranky, and we are pleased to share another track from it, as well as a 16mm film directed by Paul Clipson.  

“Forever albums become fewer and further between the older you get. No new record will ever quite impress, with lasting power, like those heard at a time where every other riff sounded fresh, each iteration of a band’s career a leap into a glorious new world of sparkling sounds and iridescent imagery. The music of one’s youth, the soundtrack to teenage memories: it never dulls. ‘Ruins’ feels like it might be a forever album.” - CLASH MUSIC