Saturday, November 15, 2014

Count Hopula

Count Hopula is a prime example of one challenging effort that will provide imbibers with a number of twists and turns before revealing an eminently drinkable beer. SanTan’s latest effort is a high-ABV red IPA, linking together Simoe hop with a considerable array of malts (victory, wheat, munich, and roasted malts are but a few included). Count Hopula a big beer with huge hoppy and malty flavors and will be something that works perfectly no matter how cold that it may get outside.

Count Chocula pours with an amber coloration and a decent amount of off-white to beige head, which dissipates slowly as one continues to drink Count Hopula. The nose of the beer has hints of pine, kava, resin and subtle hints of biscuit and grain. The additional boost of ABV over that of a typical IPA will appease adherents of the India Pale Ale while this upgrade will keep those fans of heavy and heady beers interested from the initial crack of the can until the effort is finished.

This is a limited time offer from Arizona’s SanTan Brewing Company; locate Count Hopula before it begins to disappear from store shelves. Make their domain a destination and see precisely what year round and seasonal efforts that the company will be providing. Here is to hoping that the red India Pale Ale style as something that will catch on with other microbreweries through the beginning months of 2015.

Rating 9.0 / 10

Count Hopula / Santan Brewing Company / 9.1 ABV / 99 IBU / /