Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pro Diaz Interview

1-Red Eyes released last month. What does it contribute to your story as an artist and a performer?

In Red Eyes I’m mixing heavy house sounds with interesting vocals in the same track.


2-Which of your compositions are your favorites, and what about the efforts make them into favorites?

I not sure, each one is exciting in there own ways.


3-What artists possess the greatest influences on your music?

There is many, for example hardwell.


4-How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started performing?

More cleaner sounds over the time.


5-Can you describe your creative process and your recording set up for us?

I produce my music in FL Studio and often using around 2000 mixing techniques/song. I’m also using my soundcard and my studiospeakers when I’m working. =)


6-What has been your most memorable concert experience?

I don’t know. I’m not sure.


7-What goals do you still have left to accomplish in your career?

I think that it is important to have goals and visions so I have a lot of goals, but my biggest goal is to be one of the 10 biggest artist/producers in the world.


8-How can individuals find samples of your music?

You can listen to my music on: Radio airplay, Rdio, Spotify, Beatport, Youtube, Deezer, Junodownload, Itunes, Radiodirectx for examples.