Friday, November 28, 2014

Jethro Tull WarChild Remastered 2 CD / 2 DVD Edition

2 CD and 2 DVDs comprise this hard cover box set and showcase Jethro Tull like listeners have never heard before. These discs and recordings have been remastered to perfection and the clarity and fidelity all the recordings that issue forth are sublimely surprising. The first disc is the entirety of the WarChild album while additional recordings bolus comprise outtakes as well as orchestral versions of just wrote calls songs.


The box set also contains an 80-page book that discusses the band’s activity during the period of War Child as well as recounts interesting stories and other hard to find or previously unheard anecdotes about the band. The extras that are contained within showcase rarities all that few if any listeners have had the chance to experience – there is footage taken from a January 1974 photography session that ultimately had the band announce the WarChild title. The variety of different mixes of the album ensure that listeners are able to locate precisely the correct edition which they appreciate, whether it be the original studio mix or a 5.1 remix by Steven Wilson. This multiple disc set is a must purchase for anyone that is a fan of Jethro Tull progressive rock generally or alluring otherwise. The War Child remastered box set will be available at a wide variety music stores and entertainment shops alike.

Top tracks: Queen and Country, Bungle and the Jungle.

Rating: 8.7 / 10


Jethro Tull WarChild Remastered 2 CD / 2 DVD Edition / 2014 Rhino /