Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FlashVAPE review

The FlashVAPE is the latest in vaporizer technology and provides individuals with a way to move past combustion in the utilization of a variety of plant matter and tobacco blends. The ergonomic design of the FlashVAPE is able to make the experience an easy one while the intuitive design and controls that are present in this vaporizer will allow users to immediately be able to set up and benefit from the vaporizer.flashvape-gun-metal-set__52865__54766.1409450790.1280.1280


This Canadian firm has designed the FlashVAPE and is supremely confident in their abilities, providing purchasers of the vaporizer with the ability to fill out a warranty card for the FlashVAPE. This shows a strong faith in the product; the rugged build quality should insure that one should be able to place the FlashVAPE in their bag, purse, or any other location, without feeling as if the vaporizer could be damaged. There is a great amount of customization that can occur (the 1” bowl, an oil hotplate) when one makes use of the FlashVAPE meaning that an entire array of material can be vaporized using the product.


Make sure to visit the FlashVAPE company website for more information about the features specific to the product, any further promotions that the company may offer, and other tips and tricks that the company wishes to make note. This would be a perfect purchase for anyone that wants to move away from combustion, especially those with long-term tobacco habits. Additional pieces for the FlashVAPE are purchasable; replacement screens, convection add-ons, and dabber sticks can all be purchased from the firm. The device is available from the FlashVAPE website for around $130; shipping is currently free. As the device is shipping from Canada, one may need to wait an extra day or two for transport to deliver the FlashVAPE to your house or domicile.


Rating: 9.3/10

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