Friday, November 21, 2014

Freestyle Pilsner

The pilsner style is not incredibly popular at this day and time as individuals are typically desiring a more strong and in your face sort of flavor. The Santa Fe Brewing Company has created their Freestyle Pilsner to go and update the style for the 21st century. What results with this beer is something that is drinkable while still having enough in the way of flavor to keep individuals interested in the effort from beginning to end. The beer pours with a gold / blonde / straw coloration and an off-white had that dissipates fairly quickly. There are hints of grain, malts and a bit of barley that are all present in the initial nose of Freestyle Pilsner.


When one actually sips the beer what they will taste is a flavor is that is thirst quenching while still having a slight amount of hop bite to it. This means that the beer will work no matter with whichever plate (veggies, meats, nuts, or cheeses) one decides it to be paired with. The beer has a moderate alcohol content (5.5% ABV) and the overall alcohol flavor is obfuscated to absolute nothingness. This is the perfect beer to get the average adjunct / macro brew fan into microbrewery efforts. The beer has enough legs to keep individuals that are even old hands at the beer game happy. Make it a point to go and visit the Santa Fe Brewing Company’s website at to see the entirety of their product offerings, seasonal efforts, and any sort of other information that one may require about the company’s beers.


Rating: 8.7 / 10


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