Sunday, November 9, 2014

Masaki Hanakata Interview

■Hello. Can you provide us a little information about yourself and what you are attempting to do with your music?


It was born in Japan, January 23, 1979. I started playing the guitar when I was 13 years old. The music I first played was the Beatles.

I continued being active as a guitarist, but gradually came to be interested in various music instruments, and it became a present multiplex style to perform with much kind of musical instruments.

I act from a performance to a recording, artwork alone now.

I intend to perform with this style from now on.

I perform a music live with my friend by six persons organization.



■What difficulties have you experienced in your musical career?


When I decided to perform a composition, a recording, a performance, all processes by myeself, there was the uneasiness to come to a deadlock, but there was’t already the uneasiness when my first piece was completed.



■Lentment is your new album. What significance does the album’s title have?


Because I produced Lentment leisurely and steadily, I attached the title from that. “Lentment” is French, and means “slow”, “leisurely”.



■How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started playing?


I thought to play as a guitarist at first when I began music. But I have taken much kind of a musical instrument in my music, because I felt the limit as the guitarist and came to want to play a musical instrument except a guitar.

It has been three years since I had the current style, I intend to seek the present music seriously more and yet more.



■Can you describe your creative process and your recording set up for us?


I used the 50 kinds of musical instruments, for example, guitar, banjo, ukulele,mandolin, toy piano, flute, musical chimes, xylophone, the sound of the water flowing from water service, and so on.

The recording machines are Mac and PRO TOOLS. I used a microphone, the shure 58.

I picked all up a sound with a microphone and put each musical instrument.

I didn’t use an electronic musical instrument at all.

Because there was a neighboring sounds, I had a hard time to recording.



■What acts have been the most influential in creating your unique sound?


I’ve had better idea in time not to have a musical instrument.

I’ve flashed across my mind when I have walked and thought a thing except the




■Which tracks are your favorite on Lentment, and what makes them so?


I have strong feeling for “PANAMA” and “AFRICA”. They expresses present myself musical instrument, arrangement, the musical piece that oneself present is reflected most generally.

By the way, I produced PANAMA at first, and AFRICA at last in Lentment.

When I produced this album, I was crazy for and enjoyed that. I love the work tomake my imagination a concrete prodution very much.



■Can you give us an insight about what listeners should expect from yourself through the end of 2014 and into 2015?


I plan the release of EP to contain 5-6 pieces in 2015.

I intend to start the production of the second full album next.

I think EP is simpler than Lentment and a guitar becomes the work which appeared on the front more.

It is irregular, but, please check my account in YouTube to upload the demonstration and the animation I produce.



■How can individuals contact you and hear your music?




Official site



■Do you have any further comments for NeuFutur readers?


Thank you for reading the article. Please hear my first album.

I am glad if you have felt delicacy and the attentiveness only by the Japanese.

Please look forward to  the second album I are making now.

I want to go to the United States to make live broadcasting sometime.

Thank you. See you again.