Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The amount of different caffeine and other energy pills that are on the market at any one time numbers in the hundreds but there is such a variety to the specific materials that are utilized and the overall efficiency of the pill that it becomes incredibly hard for purchasers to know precisely what they will be expecting with each bottle they purchase. We have been through a number of supplements that provide nothing in the way of energy, increase one’s metabolism in no noticeable way, and otherwise seem to be more snake oil is reality. We were lucky enough to receive a sample bottle of Atomic Strength Nutrition’s Firestarter, an advanced thermogenic that will both provide considerable energy to anyone that chooses to supplement with the product as well as increase the overall metabolism of an individual. This means that calories are expended at a greater rate than just sitting at a table or desk.

Fire Starter 2

Caffeine forms the background of Firestarter’s Advanced Time Release Complex but the other inclusions – Acacia Rigidula, Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea Extract, Ephedra – are what give the supplement such the boost that is required. One pill is all that is needed to provide an individual with the energy they need for the entirety of an 8 hour shift, the level of focus that they require to finish up a paper whether it be at the high school or collegiate levels, and the extra boost that one requires alongside a proper diet and exercise to drop off the pounds.


Firestarter’s effect becomes especially important as the temperature continues to decrease and as individuals become less active – Firestarter taken in tandem with these lifestyle changes will work throughout the year. The company has a wide array of other products that work at different points during a work out or an individual’s activity cycle so make it a point to visit atomicstrengthnutrition.com for the latest in information about their products, the stats sheet regarding the entirety of their product line, and any sales or promotions that the company may be offering through the Black Friday and holiday seasons. For my money, Firestarter is the product that I will continue to use when I need to wake up in the morning.


Rating: 9.5 / 10


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