Sunday, November 30, 2014

LO FI LiMO Interview

Promises is your debut album. How happy are you with the title? What is your favorite songs off of the album?

I’m very happy with the title because it’s the Anthem of my life right now. Many promises that have been put inside of me are finally being fulfilled, and This new Lo-Fi Limo record was one of those! The whole album is an expression of the Highs and Low’s of the experiences I’ve been through before, and during the making of this album.


My favorite song on the record would have to be “Long way home”. It’s a love song written for my wife, but also about my creator (God). I’m very happy with the way the lyrics and the vocal melodies tied together so beautifully.

Which genres and performers most influenced you during the creation of the tracks on your album?

I listened to all of my favorite bands during the making of the album, and would have to say it was an equal mix of all of them. The top primary influences are, Foo fighters, Jimmy eat world, Third eye blind, Lenny Kravitiz, Velvet Revolver , Plankeye and Bleach.

How supportive is the SoCal rock scene?

It all depends on how much exposure your music has to this microculture. If you’re a newbie, it’s VERY tough to even get into pre-sale type of show to start building your fan base. But once you’re established yourself with your local scene, fans tend to stick with you and support you the whole way. It helps to have great music and an even better sounding album, followed by lot’s of online presence, (good music video, .com’s, and any other social media) to help get your neck above all of the noise of all the other artists trying to make it out here.

Briefly describe for us the process of grouping the tracks on Promises. How does it compare to a theme album, and how do you move from initial thought to recording the track?

It’s somewhat amazing how well the songs tied into each other during the writing and recording of this album, being that my only vision for the album was to express all that was inside of me during this season. It was a real divine orchestration of events, followed by creative writing/recording that allowed this album to come together in the way that it did.

What is your recording setup (hardware and software)? What devices/programs would you ultimately like to utilize in the future?

Neotek/Universal/Audio/Console mic pres into Apogee converters then into Protools 9. Akg, Sennheiser, Shure, Cascade and Vintage CAD mics make up most of the drum mics, then AKG C414’s/Ribbon mics on guitars and a C414 for vocals.

A REAL 1” 16 track tape machine is in the near future for the studio so that Lo-Fi Limo can really achieve the sound that I’m always craving, especially the drum sounds.

How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first picked up an instrument?

I started out as a drummer at 14 and always loved rock music. I was into Collective soul and Gin blossoms then and I’m STILL listening to them! Eventually my taste’s went to a little bit harder music like Hoobastank, incubus and POD.

Nowadays, I’m really into The black keys kind of retro sound. So look out for the next Lo-Fi Limo EP to hear some of these influences.

What do you still want to do with music that you have not yet committed to recording?

I always like to give every song a fair chance to at least be recorded in the pre-production stage of an album recording to see what it may turn into. Some of the songs that I’ve written that I thought were absolutely terrible ended up being the best songs after it was fully written/produced/recorded.

How can listeners contact you and find snippets of your music? is the absolute best way to connect with us, find and listen to music, and to even speak with us on a personal level. also has our music, as well as our video single, “elephant in the room”.

Do you have any final thoughts for our readers at NeuFutur?

Dream BIG but don’t spend all of your time dreaming! A dream that is never executed remains only that…. A dream. Make sure you are doing everything possible to push your dream into a reality. And don’t be afraid of small beginnings, because every great thing started as something very small. And Little hinges can swing BIG doors. Make the most of every opportunity, because you never know who is taking notice of it…