Monday, November 10, 2014

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Inferno Headset

There is a sense that one needs a vocal component to the video game experience especially in regards to a number of first person shooters that require some level of teamwork. It is not enough to be able to speak a certain way to one’s teammates rather it is essential for players to go and discern what precisely is being said during each match. The new effort from Creative Labs – the Sound Blaster Inferno Headset – is a device that will ensure that no point is left unattended, that no team member be left to fend for themselves, and no song becomes garbled or otherwise unintelligible. The headset can be used for listening and for speaking – the boom microphone included is detachable and will fit near one’s mouth.


The fidelity of the playback with the Sound Blaster Inferno Headset is considerable meaning that individuals will be able to hear every drum hit, guitar riff, and other lyrics that may shoot forth during their periods of music listening. The headphones are durable and can be mangled and mutilated without losing any bit all the functionality that the device once had. The Inferno Headset is available at a wide array of different electronics suppliers both in brick and mortar locations as well as the largest electronics dealers online.


Make sure to pony up the 50 to 70 dollars that a pair of the Inferno Headset will cost. The lower price of these headphones make them the perfect holiday or gift purchase for anyone that plays video games or needs to play music on their computers or handheld devices. The Creative Labs website has a great deal of information surrounding the array of different devices that the company produces for casual gaming as well as high end recording and playback functions. With Creative Labs possessing such a name and playback and recording options there really is no reason for someone to not exclusively search out the company’s devices. The Inferno headset can be used on PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and the Playstation 4.

Rating: 9.0/10

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