Friday, November 7, 2014

Not Stevie Wonder, But Full of Soul

Desperado Orchestra is heavily influenced by America’s most celebrated artist, Stevie Wonder, but never planned to have the same name as one of his songs. “Outside My Window,” a new single release now available on iTunes highlights the improvisational elements of the violin (Megan Fong) in tandem with the soulful voice and guitar of (J Lawson) the two founding members.


Two years ago Desperado Orchestra released their first single, “5 in the Middle of the Army.” It was then, at the height of the Great Recession that the two musicians left the country to work overseas. China offered them a well paid job, a chance to see another part of the world and a real life experience adapting to another country’s language culture and customs. They played out occasionally in Shanghai but worked the majority of the time as English Teachers.


Today, they are settled back at home in Kauai, HI where they continue to record and compose. “Outside My Window” is the second single release that will be included on their upcoming album. The song lyrics highlight and complement their life choices together and the moments they share—the forever changing world, coupled with the desire to be free.

In a previous article Coco Zickos wrote about the driving passions behind their careers, “bringing people together through music is rewarding… [and] seeing their ideas become a reality is… so gratifying.” Throughout their various jobs and places of domicile, both Fong and Lawson emphasize their shared perspectives that music is a universal language the world can understand.

When you sit back and listen to “Outside My Window” you will transcend life’s current moments, focusing on the violin bursts that resemble the Hawaiian outdoor chirps of birds and the soulful, soothing sound of Lawson’s voice, reminiscent of the constant whispering of the cool Hawaiian trade wind breeze.