Sunday, November 2, 2014

HUG Water

The little barrel shaped Hug Juices are incredibly common in school yards, playgrounds, and sporting fields throughout the United States. There are a number of different flavors and kids actively desire hug juices no matter where they are at. The American Beverage Corporation (owners of the Hug line) company has expanded their product line to really capture those parents and children that may be looking for a healthier alternative to sugary juices. To achieve your desired fitness levels, Hug has created Hug water – four distinct flavors of water that are artificially flavored, meaning that each 10 ounce water well we have around 10 calories. There are a number of very approachable flavors of Hug water (Glacier Grape, Tropical Punch, and Berry Ice) meaning that children should find something that they like. We were big fans of the Glacier Grape and the Berry Ice flavors; each package of Hug water comes in a six pack of 10 ounce bottles.


Make sure to visit your local supermarket or convenience store to see if they are selling the Hug waters or to ask that they stock the new product. The ABC website provides ample information about the entirety of the products that they sell and places where one may be able to locate them. Make sure to purchase Hug waters if you are interested in providing your children with a full and healthy alternative to the products that are currently on the market. The hug was are done in very neutral flavor style that means that it would not seem out of place in a lunch box or a purse of anyone that is at a job. Good for children and the family, hug waters are one of the most innovative and fresh thinking products that we have reviewed so far in 2014.

Rating: 9.0/10

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