Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pumking Beer Review

Every year around the Halloween season New York’s Southern Tier Brewing Company creates a duo of pumpkin beers, their Warlock and Pumpking. The beer comes in 22 ounce bottles and provides imbibers with one of the most dance intricate pumpkin flavors that we have reviewed.ind_bp_pumking1


A number of breweries go use AIM or a pumpkin pie approach to their guard containing beers but southern tier create beers that house realistic pumpkin profiles. The beer has a fulfilling nose that provides one with hints pumpkin pie, vanilla, and nutty elements; the initial sip of the Pumking is malt-forward before founding itself out with the presence of cloves, cinnamon, and a slight hop bite. As the beer continues to warm, a sweeter profile becomes prevalent; the layered approach will be a bit of rum and cinnamon, while another is comparable to maple syrup and raw pumpkin. Each subsequent sip is perfect for those rapidly-colling winter nights, while the higher ABV is just the ticket to stave off cold winds or a chilly house.


The Pumking has a little bit of an alcohol burn that cuts the aforementioned sweet notes considerably. What results with Pumking is something that goes down very easily while yielding a complex constellation of intricate batch of flavors. Southern Tier releases Pumking as a limited edition effort so make sure to purchase it before the end of the season. Check out Southern Tier’s website at for more information about the entirety of their product offerings, their seasonal efforts, and other news about the brewery.

Rating: 9 / 10


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