Friday, May 10, 2013

ATH-ANC29 Headphones Review


The ATH-ANC29 Headphones should be seen as the go-to for anyone that plays music in a crowded or otherwise loud setting. The noise-cancelling aspect of the headphones ensures that the tunes that you would like to hear can be heard (Audio-Technica claims that 87% of noise is cancelled out). The padded headphones provide additional comfort, meaning that one could easily keep the headphones on for the entirety of a workout or work shift. I feel that the padding on the rest of the headphones (present on the headband, rather than only being on the earcups) should be an inclusion on all similar products. The detachable connecting cord to the headphones allows purchasers the ability to roam free from their playback units (whether it be a stereo, MP3 player, or the like).

The audio provided by the ATH-ANC29 headphones is absolutely stellar, providing faithful reproduction of recordings from a variety of genres. This means that no matter whether one is a fan of masterfully-crafted jazz, dubstep, metal, or rap music, that the ATH-ANC29 headphones will provide playback that meets or exceeds that of radios, computer speakers, and the like. While the headphones do utilize an AAA battery, the audio does not cease when the battery does. To ensure that the headphones are able to serve purchasers for the longest possible period, Audio-Technica has included a carrying bag and various adapters (stereo, airline) which will also increase the ability of an individual to utilize the headphones.

Make sure to check out the Audio-Technica website for more information about the ATH-ANC29 headphones and their complete product line, along with the products that they will release throughout the rest of the year. The ATH-ANC29 headphones can be purchased for about $100.

Rating: 9.6/10

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ATH-ANC29 Headphones Review

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