Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Open Air Stereo Primates CD Review


Give Me Everything is a smooth track that could easily be played on rock radio rotation, where it succeeds tying in late nineties rock (311, Saliva) with a more contemporary feel. Where Do We Go has an absolutely furious instrumental arrangement that highlights the soaring vocals on the track. Hints of Foo Fighters and Maroon 5 can be heard in the vocals, with the track’s production tying together the disparate elements. Open Air Stereo is able to create an album that touches upon a number of distinct styles and genres while keeping listeners focused and digging what is contained within.

Hung Over You is a solid post-rock track that balances a hard rock edge with emotive and compelling vocals. Where previous efforts on Primates had been more rock-centered, Hung Over You is a track that elicits hints of Simple Plan and Good Charlotte. Your Way is My Way is the final track on Primates, and it strips down Open Air Stereo’s sound to something more primal. The guitar riffs that dot this track are more in the vein of acts like Jet and The Strokes, allowing the band to ride a tremendous wave of momentum into the closing strains of Primates. Furthermore, the bold step taken during this final track may be some indicator where the band will go on subsequent recordings.

Make sure to check out this album at Goomba’s website, or from a number of online retailers. While it may have taken the band a few years to create this album, listeners will be rewarded handsomely for the wait – check out Primates today.

Top Tracks: Give Me Everything, Where Do We Go

Rating: 7.9/10

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Open Air Stereo Primates CD Review

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