Tuesday, May 7, 2013

N'Gage Review





A number of individuals that are working out at the local gym seem to have water and little else when they are active. It is tremendously important to have a BCAA drink for intra and post-workout, and Axis Labs has ensured that lean muscle will not be catabolized with their 2:1:1 ratio. Besides having these shares of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, N’Gage also contains a fair share of Glutamine. Glutamine, another amino acid, has been shown to boost overall health and become useful in those cases of illness or decrease immune system response. Their decision to utilize Ajipure amino acids (natural rather than lab-created) ensures that the bioavailability of N’Gage is considerably higher than other similar eep theproducts.


N’Gage has  a very delectable set of flavors to choose from, ensuring that individuals can find their perfect taste (the supplement comes in Cherry LimeWave, Glacier Punch, Orange Cream , and Watermelon Splash. Axis Labs has also suggested that individuals drink a glass of N’Gage in the middle of the day to continue forging on; when I was able to supplement in this fashion, I felt much more energetic and ready to continue with whatever activity or exercise that I had planned for the remainder of the day.


Visit the Axis Labs website for more information regarding their product line, and the efforts that they will be releasing through the end of 2013.  N’Gage is a must have product for anyone that is looking to keep the muscle gains that they have garnered over the course of workouts spanning months or years.


Rating: 9.2/10


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N'Gage Review

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