Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fraggle Rock Meet the Fraggles DVD Review

Fraggle_Rock_-_Meet_the_Fraggles_DVDMeet the Fraggles contains six episodes – Beginnings, We Love You Wembley, Boober’s Dream, Red’s Club, Mokey and the Minstrels, and Gobo’s Discovery. This ensures that viewers are provided with two and a half hours of Fraggle Rock footage, which is more than enough to foster a love for the show.

The video quality of the Meet the Fraggles DVD is stellar, ensuring greater clarity for many than the first time they had watched the show. The vibrancy of the characters coupled with the more muted backdrops makes the show pop. The audio quality does not feel compressed, and renders every line of dialogue (and the title song) with extreme clarity. Of the included episodes, I found myself to be the biggest fan of Mokey and the Minstrels. In this episode, Mokey decides that ey wants to be a Minstrel, following the rule of Cantus. To ensure that Mokey is a good fit for the Minstrels, Cantus establishes a large number of tests. The episode also ties in a secondary plot concerning Doc’s purchase of a saxophone. It’s surprising the richness of the included songs and overall storyline present in Fraggle Rock, especially when one compares the show to what is currently being shown on PBS or Nickelodeon.

Meet the Fraggles can be purchased from any well-stocked video store or countless online retailers; the DVD can be purchased for about $15 after its’ May 14th release date. Keep an eye out for the fourth season of Fraggle Rock, which will be released on June 18th.

Rating: 8.7/10

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Fraggle Rock Meet the Fraggles DVD Review

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