Friday, May 3, 2013

Manborg DVD Review

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Manborg is a story that seems to be set in an alternative universe, one in which Hell has waged war against humanity. Manborg is set up against the forces of Count Draculon, and adds a few distinct characters to the mix before eir final battle. Manborg is an absolute popcorn flick in the vein of Army of Darkness or Mad Max, deftly blending catchphrases, action, and overall evil in a fashion that will have viewers sitting at the edges of their seats. While the budget of Manborg is extremely low, the sheer dedication of the cast and crew is enough to transform another film into something that will be a cult flick for the next few decades.

Manborg’s DVD release comes with a number of additional features present. There are two distinct commentaries, which provide considerable back story and context to the events that occur in the film. A set of bloopers provide viewers with the human side of the cast, while additional interviews with the cast and crew point towards specific scenes and inclusions that would normally be ignored. The visual quality of Manborg (whether the recording quality or the soundtrack utilized) is a direct homage to eighties cinema, ensuring that the title is as impressive as Astron-6’s other title, Father’s Day.

Manborg can be purchased at any well-stocked online retailer or special ordered by any independent film shop. Take a gander at the Dark Sky website for more information about the titles that they will be releasing through the conclusion of 2013 and beyond.

Rating: 8.3/10


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Manborg DVD Review

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