Thursday, May 9, 2013

Girl$ Live Action Movie Blu-Ray and DVD Combination Review


Girl$ is a film that focuses on sex workers in Hong Kong, which can provide viewers with a listing of the activities that they will do with a set of rates. What becomes painfully obvious in Girl$ is that this occupation changes each individual entering into it, no matter which side of the transaction that one may be on. The specific reason why the sex workers featured in the film (Gucci, Lin, Icy, and Ronnie) have entered into this ancient profession differ, and the emotions that they draw from each night they spend on the streets are considerably different. Kenneth Bi (director/writer, Rice Rhapsody, Lolo’s Big Adventures, The Drummer) looks to shatter many of the misconceptions that viewers may hold about prostitution, all while creating a compelling narrative that will have viewers on the edges of their seats. Brief glimpses of the shining Hong Kong shown to travelers exist, but the city captured in these transactions is considerably different than it is shown on brochures and travel shows.

This Blu-Ray / DVD combination provides viewers with a set of English subtitles and Cantonese (Chinese) language. This combination pack includes previews for other Funimation films along with a brief view into the creation of the film. Fans of cinema will love this featurette, as it showcases the differences (and similarities) that exist between the filmmaking process on both sides of the world. While Funimation’s choices in the anime that it brings over are always stellar, I feel that their live-action titles should be given a better look. Girl$ is a diamond in the rough, as it showcases the seedy underbelly of some of the most vibrant and cutting-edge areas.

Rating: 7.8/1066150_large

Girl$ Live Action Movie Blu-Ray and DVD Combination / 2013 Funimation / 90 Minutes /

Girl$ Live Action Movie Blu-Ray and DVD Combination Review

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